March 5 in aviation: kidnappings, plane crashes and space exploration.

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What happened to the crew of the "Uruguay" seaplane? The seaplane set off on a journey across the globe, but no one knows what happened. The device was found on March 5, 1927, 100 kilometers north of Cape Juby, but is empty.

Uruguayan Commander Taddeo Larre-Borges, radio telegraph operator Glauco Larre-Borges and engineer Rigoli are no longer on board. There were concerns about the fate of the three men, because at that time they should have landed in the Canary Islands, after leaving the city of Casablanca.


It was later discovered that the three were captured by the Moors. They will be released against a reward of 5.000 pesetas. The money was handed over by French aviators Marcel Reine and Léon Antoine.

Other aviation events on March 5.

A Boeing 707 bound for Hong Kong crashes in Japan.

On March 5, 1966, BOAC Flight 911, a Boeing 707 to Hong Kong, crashed on Mount Fuji near Gotenba, Japan., killing all 124 passengers and crew.

Varig Airlines Flight 837 crashes.

On March 5, 1967, Varig Airlines Flight 837, a Douglas DC-8, crashed as it approached Roberts International Airport. due to a pilot error, killing 51 of the 90 people on board, as well as 5 people on the ground.

The last flight of the second Concorde prototype.

On March 5, 1976, the last flight of the second Concorde prototype aircraft to the Air Weapons Fleet Museum took place. from the Royal Naval Air Station, Yeovilton in England.

Launch of the Landsat 3 photo satellite.

The launch of Landsat 5 takes place on March 1978, 3, the third in a series of photo satellites. He would photograph the Earth for five years, until March 1983.

Voyager 1 approaches Jupiter.

On March 5, 1979, Voyager 1 approached 172.000 miles from the planet Jupiter.

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