More than 100 private planes owned by Russian oligarchs are stranded in Dubai!

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Private planes belonging to Russian oligarchs, which flew to Dubai to seek refuge from Western sanctions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are effectively blocked there, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Thus, more than 100 planes have been inactive at Dubai's airports since the start of the war. The newspaper quoted satellite images and data from the aerospace research firm WINGX. In March, four private jets were spotted flying from Moscow to Dubai, according to the website Flightradar flight tracking24. Unlike Western destinations, Dubai has not banned Russian air traffic.

Satellite imagery by Planet Labs also shows a build-up of private jets from mid-February to early April, according to The Journal.

When Russia attacked Ukraine, Western nations united to penalize Russia, imposing a series of sanctions. They aimed to destabilize not only the Russian economy, but also some of the closest allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Many Russian oligarchs and billionaires were left without their luxury goods, which were confiscated as a result of sanctions. Last month, for example, Gibraltar seized a $ 75 million superyacht owned by billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky.

However, as these planes fly to Dubai to evade sanctions, they consequently remain stranded there because their owners cannot use them for other flights, aviation lawyers and private jet brokers told The Journal.

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