Munich Franz Josef Strauß Airport in 2020: 11.1 million registered passengers (Video)

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The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the aviation industry. Hundreds of airports in Europe I'm in danger of going bankrupt. Globally, the number of reported passengers is declining by about 70%. Munich Airport is no exception, with the largest decline since 1992.

Due to travel restrictions, the volume of passengers reported by Munich airport it dropped by about 37 million passengers to just over 11 million. As a percentage, it is a decrease of about 77% compared to 2020.

During the same period, the number of takeoffs and landings decreased by over 270.000, to about 147.000, a decrease of almost 65%.

The volume of goods - including air transport and air mail - reached about 151.000 metric tons in 2020, half compared to the previous year.

Criterion20202019Vs. 2020 2019
Number of passengers
(commercial flights)
11,112,77347.941.348- 76.8%
Aircraft movements
(landings / takeoffs)
146,833417.138- 64.8%
Cargo transportation
(in metric tons)
150,928350.058- 56.9%
Of which transport of goods
(in metric tons)
145,113331.614- 56.2%

The number of passengers clearly shows that global travel restrictions have had a drastic effect on the development of traffic at Munich Airport. 6 million passengers passed through the airport in January and February alone, while in the next 10 months of 2020, only 5 million passengers traveled to / from Munich.

The approximately 90 airlines that operate frequent flights from Munich airport have massively reduced the number of flights by 2020 or even ceased operations completely, at least temporarily.

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