Norway has removed all travel restrictions: no certificate, test or quarantine!

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Since February 12, Norway is the first European country to remove all travel restrictions: without a certificate, test or quarantine!

Entry into Norway is now possible under the same conditions as before the pandemic. Tourists will only need a valid passport with a visa if traveling from third countries or a valid ID if traveling from the EU. Vaccination certificates and tests for COVID-19 before departure and on arrival have been canceled. There is also no need to fill out an online questionnaire before traveling.

Norwegian authorities have said that "the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a serious threat to the health of citizens, and the country can return to normal daily life."

Such a decision was confirmed by a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, stressing that only adults with symptoms will be required to be tested. However, the Ministry announced that some rules are maintained for the territory of Svalbard.

In addition, citizens are no longer required to keep a distance of one meter. According to Reuters, adults who tested positive for Coronavirus are no longer required to follow self-isolation rules. However, they are advised to stay at home for four days.

The recent changes, according to the Ministry of Health, were made following the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health as well as the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

"Many will be infected in the coming weeks and we need to prepare for that. But we are able to cope with the growing infection. Even if we eliminate the regulatory requirements, it is still important to follow the general infection control tips. If there's one thing we've all become good at with the pandemic, it's infection control. We need to move this forward with common sense. " , Minister of Health and Care Services, Ingvild Kjerkol.

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