Norway will close borders and ports for Russian trucks and ships on May 7

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Starting next Saturday, May 7, Norway will impose a ban on Russian trucks and ships as part of sanctions against the Russian Federation over its invasion and military aggression in Ukraine.

The decision was announced on April 27 by Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt in a press release issued by the ministry. Announcing the move, Minister Huitfeldt said sanctions against Russia were the most important means of pressure, saying it was crucial for Norway to be with EU countries in their efforts to weaken Russia's ability to finance the war.

"We know that sanctions work best when many countries agree with them. With this decision, we are implementing the fifth and final EU sanctions package"The minister said.

According to the ministry, from next Saturday, Russian-flagged ships will be banned in all ports in mainland Norway. All merchant ships, yachts and some pleasure craft will be banned.

Fishing vessels, which will continue to be allowed to go to shipyards, as well as rescue vessels or research vessels, are exempted from this prohibition. According to Minister Skjæran, the reason why fishing vessels have been exempted from the ban is because Norway wants to protect cooperation in the field of fishing in the Barents Sea and bilateral operational search and rescue cooperation.

Norway has imposed other sanctions on the Russian Federation, aligning its policy with that of the EU, including by:

  • Extension of the list of goods subject to export control
  • Imposing restrictions on imports of coal from Russia and other goods that are important sources of income for Russia, such as aircraft fuel
  • Prohibition of support for Russian public bodies and state-owned / controlled companies, including the media
  • Strengthening the ban on receiving deposits from Russian people, etc.
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