Strike at TAROM from 14 November?

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The Romanian press announces a possible strike at TAROM, from the 14 November. Employees are dissatisfied with the new managers and the way the airline is managed, said Aurel Curdov, secretary general of the National Technical Union TAROM, on Thursday.

He stressed that TAROM employees considered the decision of the Board of Directors to sign the mandate contract with the two foreign managers without justifying them to present a restructuring and recovery program for the company.

The representative of the technical personnel announced that, in view of the situation in which TAROM is found, the union is firmly determined to trigger large-scale trade union movements, with the support of the International Federations to which they are affiliated, until the general strike is declared, by stopping all flights.

And here I give them justice. The current government has appointed the Board of Directors and the new general manager on his knees, as one word of the people says about things done superficially. There is no restructuring and recovery plan, there are no guarantees, no one knows what will be and in what direction things are going. Or if I know, I keep the information secret. It would be a shame for TAROM operator to end up like many other Romanian brands.

But the strike is not a reliable solution. Maybe things will be clarified at the round table, after the discussion between trade unionists and company representatives, from November 12.

According to Agerpres, it seems that November 14 is the date when more general strikes will start, at European level. If you have flights in the next period, it is good to check if everything goes according to schedule. Airlines Travel will keep you up to date with what's going to happen in the airlines industry.

Update 10.11.2012, time 18.10: TAROM has denied the news on official facebook page!

"Dear friends, following the information published in the press regarding the possibility of organizing strikes in the next period, we would like to inform you that all TAROM flights will be operated according to the flight plan."

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