OFFICIAL: Persons who have acquired immunity by infection with the new coronavirus are exempted from quarantine (Judgment 32 of 27 May)

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Another problem we report back adoption of judgment 28 (of 14 May 2021) It targets those who have become naturally immunized following infection with the new coronavirus. According to the new measures adopted on 14 May, people who acquired natural immunity were no longer exempt from the rules. This has even been confirmed by Secretary of State Raed Arafat.

But this was regulated by Decision 32 of May 27, 2021. Thus, persons who have been confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in the last 90 days prior to entry into the country are exempted from quarantine, as evidenced by medical documents (positive RT-PCR test at the date of diagnosis, discharge ticket from the hospital or test proving the presence of IgG antibodies performed with a maximum of 14 days prior to entry into the country) or by checking the Corona-forms database and for which at least 14 days have elapsed from the date of confirmation to the date of entry into the country.

Decision 32 of 27 May 2021

The measures taken shall enter into force immediately!

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