One of the two black boxes of the Boeing 737 plane, which crashed in China, was found

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Rescuers found one of the plane's flight recorders Boeing 737 that crashed in southern China, with more than 130 people on board, officials said. Regulators and the airline were facing increasing pressure to publish more information about the disaster.

The device recovered from the China Eastern Airlines plane was allegedly the cockpit voice recorder, officials said during a brief press conference. Several fragments of the aircraft were recovered, they added.

No survivors were found, and it is less and less likely that someone on board survived.

China is facing the biggest air disaster in 10 years. Unfortunately, it is too early for a correct and pertinent answer about the causes that led to the plane crash, and the press and people are putting more and more pressure on the authorities.

Until now, it is known that the Boeing 737-800 aircraft was of the new generation, about 6 years old. The captain was hired in 2018 and had 6.709 hours of flight experience, the first co-pilot had 31.769 hours of flight experience, and the second co-pilot had 556 hours of flight experience.

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