Philippine Airlines will resume flights to six destinations in Europe

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After three years of bans, Philippine Airlines is preparing to resume flights to six destinations in Europe. Following the improvement of the security situation in the Philippines, The European Commission has decided to lift the ban on operating in the EU space of the Philippine Airlines airline.

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Philippine Airlines hopes to open routes between Manila and Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris and Rome in the next six months. The flights will be honored with Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777-300 aircraft. PAL currently has a fleet of eight A330-300 and five 777-300, the latter being currently used on routes to Sydney, Tokyo Narita, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2012, 576 970 passengers flew between the Philippines and 10 destinations in Europe, the six proposed by PAL being in this top. Cathay Pacific is the dominant airline between the two markets, with a share of 20% of the traffic registered in 2012. Emirates Airline (15.2%), KLM (12.5%), Etihad Airways (12.3%) and Qatar Airways (10.6%) close the list of the five airline carriers that carried the most passengers between the Philippines and Europe.

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