New TAP Portugal, TAP Express and Ponte Aérea

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In June 2015, the Portuguese government sold 61% of TAP Group to Gateway (a joint venture between Azul Brazilian Airlines and Barraqueiro Group), a consortium owned by David Neeleman in partnership with Humberto Pedrosa. There is also a clause whereby Gateway can still buy 34%, but in 2018, and 5% remain with TAP employees.

The new-TAP-Portugal

With the "privatization", the reforms within the company began. In November 2015, TAP Portugal has signed an agreement with Airbus for 53 for aircraft: 14 x A330-900neo and 39 of airplanes of the family A320neo (15 x A320neo and 24 x A321neo). The announcement was made by Atlantic Gateway, the new majority owner of the Portuguese operator. Following this agreement, TAP Portugal replaced the order for 12 A350-900 XWB aircraft with 14 A330-900neo aircraft.

The beginning of the 2016 year comes with news about TAP Portugal, about the new TAP Portugal operator. Until July, TAP will receive 8 ATR 72 and 9 Embraer 190 aircraft, which will replace the current Embraer ERJ-145 and Fokker 100 aircraft. The new aircraft will form the fleet of the regional TAP Express, the new airline that will replace the current Portugal (PGA Airlines), from 27 to March 2016.

By modernizing the fleet, TAP aims to increase transport capacity by up to 47% and increase profitability by reducing fuel consumption by up to 40%. At the same time, TAP will prepare new products and services for passengers and will improve the existing ones.

TAP announces important investments: 60 million for modernizing the interiors of the aircraft in the current fleet; 11 million for mounting the sharklets wings to 12 aircraft of the A320 family; 2 million for a new booking platform.

And let's not skip the shuttle service Aerial bridge, which refers to flights between Lisbon and Porto. Hourly flights will be operated, with 16 round-trip rotations being announced daily. Prices will start from 39 EURO / segment, and services will be improved on point-to-point connections.

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