Direct flight operated by Qantas on the London - Sydney route (19 hours and 19 minutes)

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On 14 November, Heathrow's second research flight was operated from London the Qantas Sunrise project. This is the QF7879 flight, which was operated on the route London - Sydney and lasted 19 hours and 19 minutes. We remind you that the first test flight, from this program, was on the route New York - Sydney and lasted 19 hours and 16 minutes.

By operating these special flights, Qantas wishes to obtain as much information as possible on the behavior of passengers and their status during flights over 19 hours. The aim is to improve the comfort of the people on board, but also to optimize the services. Cabin crews were taken into account.

Qantas on the London - Sydney route

The experimental direct flight, on the route London - Sydney, reduced the total travel time by 2 hours compared to the shortest time obtained from traditional flights currently operating, which involves at least one stopover. Will this minimum 2 hour gain make passengers choose direct flights over 19 hours? Remains to be seen!

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Special flight London - Sydney was honored with the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, indicative VH-ZNJ. After 19 hours and 19 minutes, the plane was greeted in Sydney by over 1000 Qantas employees.

It is painted in an anniversary livery, which marks the centenary of Qantas. On 16 November 2020, Australia's national carrier, Qantas, will celebrate 100 years of flights.

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