(Video) Qantas said "goodbye" to the last Boeing 767 in the fleet

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On December 27, 2014, Qantas withdrew the last Boeing 767 aircraft from the fleet. The Australian airline had 41 Boeing 767s in its fleet. For 29 years, they carried 168 million passengers on 927 flights and traveled 000 billion kilometers - the equivalent of 1.8 round trips to the moon.

A widebody aircraft capable of carrying approximately 250 people, the Boeing 767 has been used in recent years on flights between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as to Perth.

The last flight of a Boeing 767 Qantas aircraft seen from the cockpit!

On December 27, QF767 was the last Qantas to operate a Boeing 767 on the Melbourne-Sydney route. The aircraft took off at 17 pm from Melbourne, passed over Sydney CBD (central business district) and landed at 18:25.

Boeing 767 Qantas in 60 minutes!

(Photo: @auswide_aviation)

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