Red Bull pilot Dario Costa flew a plane through two tunnels and set several world records!

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Çatalca double car tunnels have been used near Istanbul since March 2020. For more than a year, a Red Bull team of over 40 people has been working on the so-called "Tunnel Pass" project. It happened this week.

Almost completely in the dark and close to the concrete walls, Dario Costa flew through the tunnel. Through an opening, he flew and continued his flight through the second tunnel - traveling at 270 kilometers per hour and less than a meter of asphalt.

During the flight, Costa had to keep the plane at an average height of 30 to 70 centimeters above the asphalt. They were only 3,5 meters between the wings and the walls of the tunnel. The slope and shape of the tunnel made the flight even more challenging. Costa had to have a reaction time of less than 250 milliseconds and make hand movements of only a few millimeters during the flight.

The entire distance of 2.260 meters was covered in a time of 43.44 seconds. With the flight, Costa and Red Bull set some new world records: this is the longest tunnel ever flown through a plane - a new official Guinness record. It was also the first flight through a tunnel, the longest flight under a fixed obstacle, the first flight through two tunnels and the first take-off of an aircraft from a tunnel.

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