The Republic of Moldova has closed the airspace! The Republic of Moldova declares a state of emergency in the context of the war in Ukraine

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The Republic of Moldova will enter a state of emergency, President Maia Sandu announced on Thursday, specifying that she asked the Parliament to validate this decision. The Republic of Moldova has closed its airspace since Thursday, at 12.00, given the conflict situation in the region.

The Republic of Moldova has closed the airspace!

The Supreme Security Council (CSS) has recommended the closure of the airspace of the Republic of Moldova, and enforcement will be the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority. Thus, from 12.00, the flights will be directed to other airports. Most of the flights scheduled for Chisinau will most likely land in Iasi.

"This morning, Russia launched attacks on the neighboring country, in flagrant violation of international law. I asked the Parliament to declare a state of emergency and I convened the Supreme Council of National Defense ", announced the president Maia Sandu.

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