OFFICIAL: Romania's yellow list of countries considered to be at high epidemiological risk, from November 2, 2020

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Today, November 2, 2020, the National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted Decision no. 51 of November 2, 2020. The list is in force since November 3, 2020.

We have remarkable news. They entered the yellow list Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and San Marino. Other European countries that we find on the yellow list: Adorra, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Armenia, Luxembourg, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Montenegro, Spain, Slovakia, Great Britain, Georgia, Malta, Croatia, Poland, Northern Macedonia, Portugal.

Came out Ireland, the Vatican, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Bahrain and Puerto Rico.

Romania's yellow list, valid from November 3, 2020.

List-State-by-risk epidemiological-ridicat_02.11.2020-Annex

Soon, the list will be published on CNSCBT official website.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopts this
DECISION no. 51 of November 2, 2020:

Art. 1 The list of countries / areas / territories of high epidemiological risk for which the quarantine measure is established on the persons arriving in Romania from them, provided in the annex to this, is approved.

Art. 2 (1) It is proposed to change the value of the cumulative incidence rate of cases in the last 14 days from which it is mandatory to wear a protective mask so as to cover the nose and mouth, for all persons who have reached the age of 5, in all open public spaces, in the sense of reducing it from 3 to 1,5 / 1.000 inhabitants.

(2) The measure provided in par. (1) shall apply at the level of all localities in a county, if the cumulative incidence rate of cases in the last 14 days at its level exceeds 1,5 / 1.000 inhabitants, and if at county level the cumulative incidence rate of cases in the last 14 days is less than or equal to 1,5 / 1.000 inhabitants, the measure will be applied at the level of localities where it exceeds 1,5 / 1.000 inhabitants.

Art. 3 This decision is communicated to all components of the National Emergency Management System, for implementation by order and administrative acts of their leaders.

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