Romania could block flights from Great Britain.

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Update 20: 50 - OFFICIAL: Romania suspends flights to / from Great Britain (England), from December 21st

The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have banned flights from the UK due to a new coronavirus strain, much more aggressive. France, Germany and Spain will take similar measures. Romania is not passive about what is happening in the United Kingdom either.

The head of DSU and member of CNSU, Raed Arafat, said at Digi24 that Romania could ban flights from the United Kingdom. The decision will be taken today or tomorrow, as other EU countries have decided, if the authorities deem it necessary. New measures will be taken due to the rapid spread of infections with the new coronavirus mutation.

The problem is not that the severity of the cases is increasing, but that the number of infected people is increasing. The INSP analysis will be discussed with the Ministry of Health and the rest of the colleagues ", said Raed Arafat.

British health officials said there was no evidence that the new variant would cause more deaths or react differently to vaccines, but it is proving to be up to 70% more communicable.

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