Romania could take steps towards normality starting June 1 (video)

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Prime Minister Florin Cîțu declared on Monday, during a press conference that took place at Victoria Palace, that only from June 1 can one hope for a return to "normalcy", and an inter-ministerial committee will be set up to establish measures that could be taken from that date, informs

The prime minister also said that by the end of July, the threshold of 10 million vaccinated people in Romania could be reached. He also specified that in Romania the COVID passport / green certificate will not be used to open the economy and tourism. According to the statement made by the prime minister, the green certificate will not be applied in Romania, the Romanians will go without it during the holidays.

I do not know what the statement of Mr. Florin Cîțu is based on, but it does not offer me the guarantee that we will be able to travel internationally without this green certificate. Many European countries have already announced that they will only accept travel to the green certificate for people who have been naturally vaccinated / tested / immunized following COVID-19 infection.

Mr Florin Cițu He also stated that, starting with June 1, the first steps towards normalcy can be taken, but this does not mean a 100% openness. But it will all depend on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of vaccination in the country and the number of new cases.

Although some information is optimistic, I personally remain pessimistic and look with skepticism at what was announced. I am disappointed with the decision not to implement the green certificate in order to relaunch the economy and tourism.

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