Romania has extended the state of alert! Here are the changes brought by the new CNSU decision!

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Authorities have extended the alert in Romania by another 30 days. According to the statements made by Alexandru Rafilă and Raed Arafat, we may not need this alert status any time soon. It is estimated that this could be in March or April 2022.

"Certainly the state of alert is not something that will be permanent, it is temporary and no one wants to keep it for a day longer than necessary. Yes, the time is coming, I think, when we will say no. What is this moment, is to be decided ", added Raed Arafat.

Until then, we still have to follow the necessary measures to be applied during the alert state to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These are the documents regarding HCNSU project no. 7, as well as Annex to this project, which can be read in full!

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