Romania is preparing for a partial lockdown: traffic during the night will be restricted.

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On November 5, over 9700 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Romania. The increase from one day to the next is alarming. At the same time, 121 people lost their lives, in just 24 hours, in the fight against the new coronavirus.

In the health units, the total number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is 12.061. Of these, 1.014 are hospitalized at ATI.

The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, said stronger measures were needed at the national level because those already in place were no longer sufficient to control the epidemic.

Thus, all schools will switch to online teaching, public and private employees will work in telework where possible, stores will be closed at 21:00, and traffic during the night will be restricted.

Public and private parties will be banned, fairs and markets will be closed, and wearing a mask will be mandatory everywhere, indoors, including at work, and outdoors.

Companies and all authorities will shift their schedule to avoid congestion in the means of transport.

Mr Klaus Iohannis he mentioned that we need to control the spread of the pandemic and give doctors a chance to treat serious cases. We do not want to close the Romanian economy, but to take measures by which people are protected and the economy continues to function.

This is what strong nations do and the Romanian nation is a strong nation, my dear ones, and we will go through this crisis together! stated Klaus Iohannis.

We remind you that everything several European countries have imposed severe restrictive measures in an attempt to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

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