The Day of Aviation and the Romanian Air Force will be celebrated on July 20, 2022 with an aviation show in which 20 military planes will participate!

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The Minister of National Defense, Vasile Dîncu, and the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Daniel Petrescu, will participate on Wednesday, July 20, starting with 11:00, in the military and religious ceremony on the occasion of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force Day, at the Heroes Monument The air in the Aviatorilor Square.

During the ceremony, approximately 20 military aircraft of F-16 Fighting Falcon, C-130 Hercules, C-27J Spartan, Antonov AN-30, IAR-330, IAR-99 belonging to the Romanian Air Force, two Eurofighter aircraft will evolve. Typhoon belonging to the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft of the Italian Air Force, two EC-135 helicopters belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two IAR-330 Puma helicopters of the Romanian Intelligence Service, a Boeing 737 aircraft belonging to Tarom, as well as four Extra 300 aircraft belonging to the Romanian Aeroclub.

On July 14, 15,18, 19 and 11.00, starting with XNUMX, in the area of ​​the Air Heroes Monument in Aviatorilor Square, trainings took place with the military aircraft that will participate in the significant event of the Romanian Air Force.

At the same time, on the occasion of the Aviation Day celebration, the following localities will be flown by military aircraft: Adjud, Aiud, Alba Iulia, Bârlad, Botoșani, Brăila, Caracal, Câmpia Turzii, Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Focșani, Galați, Gherla, Groșii Țibleșului, Luduș, Mediaș, Onești, Piatra Neamț, Sighișoara, Suceava, Târgu Neamț, Tecuci, Târgu Lăpuș, Târgu Mureș, Turda and Vaslui.

The flight of the aircraft will be carried out in compliance with the aeronautical regulations in force and all the necessary safety measures will be taken, so that the impact on the local community is minimal.

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