Romanian MIG-21 planes intercepted Russian bombers over the Black Sea.

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On 9 February, two Norwegian fighter jets took off from Bodø Air Base to intercept two Russian long-range bombers, model TU-160, off the coast of Norway.

In a separate event, fighter jets from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey carried out a mission to intercept several Russian military planes that flew to the NATO border, over the Black Sea, on February 10th.

South Torrejón Combined Air Operations Center alerted fighter jets at Mihail Kogalniceanu (Romania), Graf Ignatievo (Bulgaria) and Merzifon Air Base (Turkey) to respond to a group of Russian military planes operating in international airspace above Black Sea.

F-16 Turkey (PHOTO: NATO)

Russian aircraft had their transponders turned off, without indicating their position and altitude, did not register a flight plan and did not communicate with air traffic controllers. This can create a real danger to civilian air traffic.

MIG-29 Bulgaria (PHOTO: NATO)

It was an operation by troops from Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The aircraft formation in Russia consisted of long-range Tu-22 bombers and combat escorts. The MiG-21 planes of the Romanian Air Force hurried to intercept the group. The MiG-29 aircraft of the Bulgarian Air Force were kept on standby, and the F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force took off to be ready to respond at any time.

NATO interceptors returned to their bases after Russian military planes left the area. Following the activity of the operation, the Center for Combined Air Operations in Torrejón coordinated the actions between the three countries.

NATO fighter jets are in non-stop service. Through the air police, NATO ensures the security of its members. Fighter jets are ready to act in case suspicious or unannounced flights are reported near Allied airspace.

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