Romanian tourism in 2022: the trends that influenced holidays in the country!

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Extremely crowded, difficult in places, changeable: 2022 was the year in which the gradual return to normality occurred, after the two years of the pandemic in which travel was marked by restrictions and prohibitions. But the announcement of relaxation measures, long-awaited news by Romanians eager for holidays without special conditions, fell on the back burner with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an event that caused Romanians to show solidarity and mobilize to give them a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees.

Tourism 2022 in Romania

Also in 2022, tourism, like many other fields, was affected by a wave of price increases, inflation being even now a phenomenon that causes concern among Romanians. Precisely for this reason, tourists turned to promotions for stays in the country and took advantage of the issuance of holiday vouchers to enjoy better prices.

And that's not all. Romanian tourism went through numerous events in 2022, on which the online hotel platform collected them in a short analysis of the main trends.

February 2022: The outbreak of war in Ukraine negatively affected Romanian tourism

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 generated concern around the world, but also triggered a wave of solidarity to support refugees fleeing the war. reacted quickly and joined the brands that supported refugees during this period by creating a platform through which 1000 free accommodation places were made available for Ukrainians. The initiative was made possible thanks to hoteliers and holiday home owners who housed refugees in their accommodation units, offering them, even temporarily, a safe environment and protection.

May 2022: The issuance of holiday vouchers boosted domestic bookings

The month of May brought extremely good news for budget-minded Romanians: holiday cards for 2022 started to be loaded right on the threshold of the summer season, a measure expected by both tourists and hoteliers. Starting this year, holiday vouchers are only available on magnetic media, on cards loaded with the amount of 1.450 lei. Travelminit is the online hotel platform with the largest offer of accommodation with holiday vouchers, and the booking process is simple and fast, payment is made online, so the booking is confirmed in just a few clicks.

Another good news was the extension of the validity period of unused holiday vouchers from 2019 and 2020, which could be used to book accommodation in the country until the end of June.

Summer 2022: the mountain won by far in Romanians' preferences this summer

The summer season brought surprises regarding the summer booking trend. Inflation has generated 17% increases in accommodation prices, and the seaside, once the most sought-after summer destination, has lost ground to the mountain. It is the first year when, during the summer, the biggest increase in terms of the number of reservations on the platform is registered in the mountains and not at the sea. Mountain destinations on the Travelminit platform saw an annual increase in bookings of 45%, while the number of seaside bookings increased by only 41% this year compared to last year. Also, bookings for major cities increased by 31%, and those for balneo-climatic destinations increased by 19%, thus signaling significant increases for all areas compared to the summer of last year.

Autumn & Winter 2022: mini-vacations are back in Romania

The autumn months brought a week-long school holiday, which made tourists turn to destinations and accommodation that offer suitable conditions and activities for the whole family. According to a report published by, in the top of the most searched and reserved autumn destinations were: Brașov, Predeal, Sibiu, Bucharest, Oradea, Poiana Brașov, Sovata, Băile Felix, Cluj-Napoca, Sinaia.

The trend of mini-holidays continued with the days off offered by St. Andrew (November 30) and National Day (December 1). The government announced that Friday, December 2, will also be free for budget workers, so that they can make up for the weekend, which means that Romanians could enjoy a five-day mini-vacation. Brașov, Sibiu, Predeal, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca were among the most popular cities for the National Day mini-vacation.

In 2022, we set up the most campaigns on in particular, supporting our customers with offers for all budgets, with a varied portfolio of accommodation throughout Romania, with an easy-to-use platform. We successfully completed the Black Friday campaign with promotional packages that offered discounts of up to 57% and increased sales by 45% compared to 2021.

We end the year with the most festive campaign, Magical Holidays, in which we offer accommodation packages available in 2023 as well, including during the summer season.

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