Romanians' favorite destinations on December 1! Romanian tourists paid an average of 410 lei/night for the National Day stay!

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Mountain resorts and big cities are again this year the most sought-after destinations for the mini-vacation on December 1, according to a new study issued by the online hotel platform

Romanians start their last month of the year with a well-deserved break. Even if, traditionally, only November 30 (St. Andrew) and December 1 (National Day) are free, the Government has announced that Friday, December 2, will also be free for budget workers, so that they can bridge the weekend. This decision does not apply to those who work in the private sector, but most of them have already taken leave for December 2 to take advantage of the five free days.

Most Romanians will spend their free days in the country, in the big cities, which have already announced that they will organize festivities and events on the occasion of the National Day. The second option preferred by Romanians for the December 1st holiday is the mountain resorts, especially Valea Prahova.

Brașov, Sibi and Predeal, among the top destinations chosen by Romanians for the mini-holiday on December 1

Romanians want to take full advantage of the mini-vacation on December 1st, so most of them booked a relaxing stay in advance. According to a report published by, which analyzed the data from November 30 to December 4, 2022, the most searched areas were the big cities (with 54% of the total number of reservations), the mountain (with 22% of the total number of bookings), spa resorts (with 11% of the total number of bookings), plus other destinations (villages and picturesque towns, with 11% of the total number of bookings).

In the top of the most popular cities are: Brașov, Sibiu, Predeal, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca.

"For Travelminit, the mini-holiday on December 1 is just the culmination of a very beautiful, but also very busy period, in which we managed to offer tourists affordable stays and holiday experiences tailored to their needs and desires. We have just successfully completed the Black Friday campaign on, we have increased sales by 45% compared to 2021, and now we are preparing for an even better period, that of the winter holidays, for which we are already working on numerous accommodation offers from all over Romania, with significant discounts, promotional packages that can be transformed into the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones", says Rita Szilveszter – Travelminit Marketing Manager.

How much did the tourists spend for the mini-holiday on December 1st

The average price for a double room/night is 410 lei during the mini-holiday. 54% of check-ins will be made on November 30, a sign that Romanians will travel from the first day off, but not all of them have booked an extended stay.

According to, depending on the number of nights spent at the accommodation units, the reservations are as follows: 34% of the reservations are for 2 nights, 29% for 3 nights, and 15% for 4 nights.

National Day program in major cities in Romania

Preparations for the National Day have already entered the straight line, so several town halls have announced themed events and festivities for December 1.

In Bucharest, on Thursday, December 1, it will be organized in the first part of the traditional day military parade in the Arcului de Triumf Square, an event to which Romanians from all over the country are expected. Another military parade will be organized, starting at 12:00, also in Alba Iulia, the city where the Resolution of Alba Iulia was signed, the act by which the Union of Transylvania, Banat, Crișana and Maramureș with the Romanian Kingdom was carried out.

Events, shows and ceremonies dedicated to the National Day will also be organized in the other big cities of the country, including Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Brașov, so that, regardless of the area where tourists choose to spend their mini-vacation, they will be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere as it should be.

Not least, Christmas markets have already been opened in Bucharest, Sibiu, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca and beyond, which means that tourists can now enjoy a complete festive experience.

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