Romanians could travel to Bulgaria and Greece without being isolated after the holidays

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According to statements made by Ludovic Orban, the prime minister of Romania, Romanians could travel to Bulgaria or Greece without being in isolation after the holidays, informs digi24. But it should be noted that this could be done after June 15, about when the alert status will expire.

Romanians could travel to Bulgaria and Greece

Currently, during the alert state, all persons arriving in Romania from an international trip will enter isolation / quarantine for a period of 14 days. Bulgaria opened its borders on June 1, but the current situation in Romania does not encourage travel abroad. Who would want to stay in isolation for 14 days when they return to Romania?

Greece will open its borders on June 15. Citizens from 29 countries, including Romania, will be able to travel to Greece for tourism. Addition many other countries have announced the opening of borders for tourism.

The National Institute of Public Health and the Department of Emergency Situations are monitoring the situation in the two countries to see if they remain below the risk factor for infection with the new coronavirus.

But this amuses me because the 2 countries, Greece and Bulgaria, had less than 3000 people infected with the new coronavirus. Romania, with a population double that of Greece and three times that of Bulgaria, is approaching 20 cases. So do ours still monitor the degree of risk?

And I found out that we are working on a package of measures with applicability after June 15. There may be lists (red, yellow, green) with countries classified according to the risk of infection with the new coronavirus. We are waiting to see the measures and the classification of the countries. We are back with information!

And also after June 16, we hope that flight suspension measure to be raised. Maybe not to all 12 countries ❌Italy; ❌Spania; ❌Germania; ❌Franţa; ❌Austria; ❌Belgia; ❌Elveţia; ❌SUA; ❌United Kingdom; ❌Olanda; ❌Turcia; "Iran, but at least to be able to fly to most of them." That is, international flights resumed by coaches and trains, but not by plane. And we know very well that the plane is one of the safest means of transportation even in a pandemic.

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