Romanians made 583 000 of trips to Germany and 637 882 of nights in 2013

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Holiday destination Germany, represented by German Tourism Organization - DZT, is registering an increasingly strong positioning on the Romanian market, being chosen by an increasing number of Romanians.

Germany, a country that offers through the various possibilities that it offers for the holiday, has become one of the preferred choices by Romanian tourists. Whether I choose Germany for cultural tourism or for relaxation, more and more Romanians enjoy the rich history and quality services of this country.


The number of trips to Germany from the Balkan countries reached 1,9 million per year and an increase of over 2 million trips per year to 2020 is expected.


In terms of Romanian tourists, 2013 recorded a number of 583 000 of trips to Germany and a number of 637 882 of overnight stays, with 14,6% more than in 2012. In the last 6 years it observes an increase of 72,4% of the nights of the Romanian visitors. The number of overnight stays adds up to hotel, boarding houses (accommodation units with more than 10 rooms), but many Romanians go to visit relatives, friends and stay with them.

In a top made by German Tourism Organization (DZT) regarding the most popular regions chosen by the Romanian tourists are: Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Berlin.


Also, a research done on the amount spent by Romanians on a vacation in Germany shows that they pay, on average, 558 euros / trip, with 15% less than in 2012.

As you can see, the south of Germany is the most sought after by the Romanians because it is very accessible and is easily reached by car. But the top of the list also includes Berlin, the capital of Germany, a new destination added to the flight map to and from Bucharest.

Ruta Bucharest - Berlin was opened by Lufthansa, on 3 June 2012. Read also a short presentation of the Berlin - Bucharest route, flight I made in the fall of 2012. From January 28 2013, AirBerlin also joined on this route, and from 7 January 2014, AirBerlin remained the only operator that still operates Bucharest - Berlin, this after Germanwings suspended flights between the capital of Germany and the capital of Romania.

Besides this route, Romania is connected to Germany by flights operated between Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Târgu Mureş, Timişoara and German destinations Frakfurt, Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Stuttgart etc.

So far, I've managed to get to Berlin a few times and I can say that it was love at the first walk in the German land. I have not yet been able to visit another European city with such historical load as Berlin.

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