Romanians travel more and more often with the help of the green certificate. The capitals of Western Europe, favorite for the autumn holidays!

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The fourth pandemic wave did not discourage travel. Romanians travel more and more often with the help of the green certificate. Whether we like it or not, this is the reality of the moment and many Romanians accept it for health, to travel, to work, for a quiet life every day. The green certificate saves Romanians from the stress of quarantine when returning to the country, but especially from countless restrictions during the holidays.

Given the increasingly severe restrictions and worrying figures of the pandemic in our country, Romanian tourists who have already been vaccinated or gone through the disease escape to Western European countries, which have already passed the fourth wave. According to specialists, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany or France are among the most sought after travel destinations among Romanians.

In these countries, the restrictions for those who hold the green certificate are minimal, tourist attractions are open, and everyday life is more and more like the one we all knew before the pandemic.

This is a new trend in tourism: although we are fast approaching the end of autumn, and the weather is no longer friendly, the holders of the green certificate want to travel and book more and more often. last-minute city-break holidays to the great European capitals.

Pre-pandemic travel habits would have indicated that we are no longer in the season of this type of short-term travel, but the still small percentage of vaccinated Romanians and the growing number of diseases leads to a more pronounced paradigm shift in regarding the demand for tourist products in Romania. 

Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Germany and France are the main countries chosen by Romanian tourists in the current context.

Western countries have also relaxed measures against the new coronavirus, thanks to the growing number of people vaccinated. At the same time, the prices are more affordable on flights from Romania to different destinations in Italy, Spain, Germany or France.

Thus, according to the data provided by, for domestic trips in Romania, the average fare of plane tickets is 114 euros per flight segment. Often, tourists pay less to return from London, Madrid, Paris or Brussels to Bucharest than to fly from Cluj to Bucharest, a domestic route with an average price of 130 euros in October.

“In the current epidemiological context in our country, Romanians are increasingly open to travel and choose mainly countries that have already overcome with minimal repercussions the fourth wave of the pandemic and currently have very few restrictions for people with green certificates. At the same time, there is a slight increase in the "booking window", ie the number of days between booking and actual departure, from 16 days to 19 days, which indicates a more pronounced optimism than a few months ago, but we can't talk about pre-planned vacations yet. Before the pandemic, even city break vacations were booked, on average 28 days in advance. ” said Claudia Tocilă, Marketing Director at

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