Romanians want to talk on the phone and surf the Internet during the flight

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British Airways, one of the largest airlines in Europe, surveyed passengers from Romania, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Poland to find out what they currently want and appreciate on board aircraft. . About 2000 travelers have expressed their thoughts on what they want during the flight.

According to this study, 63% of Romanians will have Internet accessand 37% want to talk on the phone during the flight. Only 15% would like a voucher on board and playgrounds for children, while 25% of the Romanian respondents will have a panoramic view. 29% want magazines in electronic format, and 20% want entertainment in 3D format.

The results even surprise me, a man passionate about technology. I did not expect Romanians to want entertainment in 3D format, electronic magazines, internet access. This shows us that Romania is no longer a country on the periphery, where the information gets harder. In the not too distant future, talking on the phone and the internet will be accessible during the flight. I expect to see on facebook many pictures taken on the plane.

Regarding the current technological services, 51% of Romanians appreciate the online check-in, 23% the electronic ticket and only 5% is reconciled with the automatic check-in at the kiosk.

On board the aircraft, 41% of Romanians appreciate the services, only 24% menu, and 35% are looking for comfortable chairs. In conclusion, the flight attendants must smile, be respectful, help passengers where they need to be. The menu or the place is less important. So strange and these results. I prefer to have a comfortable place, to serve a menu ok if the flight exceeds 2-3 hours. Other notable services aboard the aircraft are not very.

I think it will be very difficult for British Airways to thank everyone, given that the Romanians are slightly different from the rest of the respondents. Most westerners want comfortable chairs, appreciate the menu, etc.

Currently, British Airways owns a fleet of 256 aircraft and flies to 169 destinations. Over the next 5 years, BA promises investments of over 5 billion pounds in aircraft, technologies, cabin upgrades and lounges. 2013 will be a landmark year in British Airways history as the first Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft will arrive.

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