Russia destroys largest transport aircraft AN-225 (UPDATE)

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March 4 09:30 p.m. : It seems that the journalists managed to get to the airport, right next to the plane. In the clip below you can see what's left of the AN-225.

AN-225 destroyed by Russia

March 4 09:25 p.m. : New images of AN-225 from Hostmel Airport, Ukraine.

March 3 14:30 p.m .: A video recorded at Hostomel Airport, Ukraine, appears to show the An-225 Mriya aircraft on fire in the hangar. The Antonov company says via a Tweet that, at present, until the AN-225 is inspected by experts, the technical condition of the aircraft cannot be reported.

The video below was posted on Twitter to the Antonov company.

February 27 17:30 p.m .: As a result of an air strike by Russian troops on Gostomel Airport near Kiev, one of the largest and most powerful aircraft in the world, the AN-225 "Dream" made in Ukraine was burned. This was reported to Radio Svoboda by two informed sources from the Antonov enterprise and confirmed by the mayor of Bucha.

"After the 5th air raid, the aircraft was bombedcompletely. They fired from helicopters. ”- The statement of the mayor of Bucha.

In the photo posted on the social networks and on official accounts, the vertical tail of the unique AN-225 can be distinguished.

Antonov AN-225 destroyed by Russia in an air strike

The hangar where the An-225 is on fire

Statement by Antonov, Deputy Director-General

At the request of journalists, Mykhailo Kharchenko, Antonov's deputy general manager, declined to comment. Later, after calls from journalists, the following message appeared on the company's Facebook page: »

At the same time, as Radio Svoboda found, other Antonov planes managed to take off before a large-scale Russian invasion began. In particular, AN-124-100 "Ruslan" with registration UR-82007 took off on February 23 from Gostomel Airport in Penang, Malaysia.

On February 27, a photo of a message to the Russian military - from the crew of the Ruslan plane, which is located at one of the European airports - appeared on the Twitter account of the Antonov State Enterprise.

Update: This was the largest aircraft in the world, the AN-225 "Mriya" ("Dream" in Ukrainian). It is possible that Russia destroyed our "Mriya". But they will never be able to destroy the dream of a strong, free and democratic European state. We will win! He wrote on Twitter Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

23:40: Kiev-Hostomel Airport is under the control of the Ukrainian army

18:35 Ммитрий Антонов - Dimitri Antonov

Dear friends. Everything fell into place. Lugansk and Donetsk ended up near Kyiv. Gostomel airport was captured. Large planes are now available. From the positive Mriya is whole. We hold on and Glory to Ukoaine.

Initial story: A "helicopter battle" between Russian and Ukrainian attack helicopters would take place over Hostomel Airport. According to unconfirmed reports, the only AN-225 was destroyed, he said

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues unabated. Russian ground and air forces are continuously attacking targets in Ukraine. Hostomel Airport in Kiev, the base of Antonov aircraft, has been severely damaged by fighting. The only AN-225 in the world operated by Antonov Airlines is also stationed in Hostomel.

According to unconfirmed reports, the largest cargo plane in the world and the only one with six engines, the AN-225, was destroyed when the hangar caught fire. However, independent confirmation is not possible, as there is currently no official confirmation.

Authorities confirm the attack on Hostomel Airport

According, Antonov ON THE MONTH has been at Kyiv Hostomel Airport in Ukraine since February 5th.

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