Russia has resumed production of Tupolev Tu-214 aircraft

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United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has resumed production of Tupolev Tu-214 single-aisle aircraft and plans to produce 10 per year. Russia risks running out of Airbus and Boeing aircraft due to Western sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine.

UAC General Manager Yuri Slyusar confirmed to Tass that aircraft production had resumed Tu-214. It is an equivalent model of the western A321 and 737-900EA. At the beginning, 20 units will be produced, and then the rate will be set at 10 / year.

The leader Rostec (who controls the entire Russian aviation industry) Sergei Shemezov also mentioned a possible relaunch of the Tupolev Tu-204 program. " On the background severe restrictions on the operation of civil aircraft manufactured abroad, we are relaunching the domestic aviation industry. We are mainly referring to the expansion of the production of existing aircraft".

The production rate of the new Tu-214 should initially reach ten units per year. At the same time, UAC also intends to accelerate aircraft production Ilyushin The 96th. Russia is considering setting up an additional production center in Kazan to avoid a shortage of spare parts, especially for these two models.

Russia produces two more passenger aircraft and we are talking about models here Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100 and MC-21 Riders. We remind you that EASA has suspended certification for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Beriev Be-200.

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