RYANAIR has canceled flights from Sibiu, Suceava, Timișoara and Oradea

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Starting with the 2023 summer season, RYANAIR is reducing its activity from/to Romania, giving up flights from/to Sibiu, Suceava, Timișoara and Oradea. Instead, in the summer 2023 schedule, RYANAIR flies from Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi. It is an optimization of the operational network, and the abandonment of some flights or routes was done for economic reasons.

The summer season is demanding for all airlines, and they are looking to optimize their route network according to supply and demand. If a higher profit can be made on some routes, surely airlines will seek to increase frequencies on those routes, instead they will have to reduce operations on less profitable routes. Also, airlines usually receive financial incentives and various facilities to operate from/to certain airports. In their absence, interest in those destinations also decreases.

Consequently, RYANAIR has given up more than 20 routes from Timișoara, Oradea, Suceava and Sibiu. Instead, it consolidated its presence in Bucharest and Cluj. And from the summer season 2023, RYANAIR started flying from Iasi to Dublin, Milan, Brussels and Paris.

From Bucharest, RYANAIR flies to 33 destinations, including Thessaloniki, Amman, Corfu, Madrid, Malta, Manchester. In time from Cluj it flies to only five international destinations: Brussels, Dublin, Milan, London, Paris.

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