RYANAIR cancels 2% of daily flights

On September 15, RYANAIR announced the cancellation of 2% of daily flights in the next 6 weeks.

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Europe's largest low-cost carrier operates approximately 2500 flights daily. By a surprising but somewhat reasoned decision, about 6% of these daily flights will be canceled in the next 2 weeks.

This means that 40-60 daily flights will be canceled and passengers will be diverted to other available flights or will receive the money back. It is a risk for RYANAIR, a company blamed by many, but at the same time with over 110 millions of passengers transported. He sacrifices a few flights so that most of them are properly operated.

RYANAIR cancels several daily flights

RYANAIR motivation is a complex one. They say that they have taken this decision to provide the necessary leave for pilots and flight attendants, but also to improve punctuality, which has dropped to 80% in the last period.

In other words, after the extremely busy summer months, especially July and August, when about 25 millions of passengers, RYANAIR pilots and cabin crews have to take leave according to the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority).

At the same time, RYANAIR says it will have reserve aircraft to cover some delays, which arise from adverse weather conditions or strikes and restrictions on air traffic controllers in the UK, Spain or Germany.

Ryanair apologizes for any inconvenience caused to customers on canceled flights. They will be contacted directly and will be offered with alternative flights or full refunds on air tickets.

Some voices in the market say that RYANAIR has lost a significant number of pilots, who have reached the Norwegian outskirts. That can be a problem too!

If you have scheduled flights with RYANAIR in the next 6 weeks, always check their status. Hopefully, too many flights from / to Romania will not be affected!

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