Ryanair expands its bases in Rome and Milan / Bucharest - Milan Malpensa daily

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Year 2016 started very dynamically in the world of commercial aviation. Many new European, trans-oceanic, transcontinental routes are announced, and Emirates and Qatar Airways compete for the longest flight operated by the plane.

Ryanair Milan Bergamo
Ryanair Milan Bergamo

Ryanair is one of the low-cost companies eager for aggressive expansion in Europe. We start by presenting you the Ryanair plans from the Milan and Rome bases for the winter season 2016 / 2017.

Ryanair Milan Milan Bergamo Base

- 16 aircraft (+1);
- 5 new routes: Hamburg (one daily flight), Nuremberg (one daily flight), Prague (one daily flight), Timisoara (5 frequencies per week) (from 1 November) and Gdansk (3 weekly flights);
- 2 new routes launched in 2016 will remain in the winter schedule 2016/2017: Bristol (3 flights per week) and Santiago (2 flights per week);
- Several flights to Madrid (3 per day), Warsaw (1 per day), Manchester (9 per week), Vilnius (5 per week), Lanzarote (3 per week) and Malaga (3 per week);
- An estimated 9,3 million passengers a year.

Ryanair Milan Malpensa Base

- 2 aircraft (+1);
- 4 new routes: Catania (4 daily frequencies), Brussels (2 flights per day), Sofia (one daily flight) and Gran Canaria (1 per week);
- Several flights to Bucharest (from 4/7 to 7/7, one flight a day);
- An estimated 1,3 million passengers a year.

Ryanair Rome Ciampino Base

- 8 aircraft;
- 3 new routes: Nuremberg (one flight per day), Prague (one flight per day), Sofia (one flight per day);
- More flights to: Athens (3 flights a day), Berlin (3 flights a day), Budapest (9 flights a week) Edinburgh (5 flights a week) and Manchester (9 flights a week);
- 5,3 million passengers estimated per year.

Ryanair Rome Fiumicino Base

- 3 aircraft;
- A new route: Lanzarote (one flight per week);
- Several flights to Bari (3 flights a day) and Brussels (3 flights a day);
- 3,8 million passengers estimated per year.

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