RYANAIR suspends flights from Oradea in winter season 2018-2019

RYANAIR has officially announced that it is suspending flights from Oradea. This will happen in the winter season 2018-2019.

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Easy, easy, RYANAIR is restricting its activity in Romania. After announcing that it is closing its base in Timișoara, Europe's largest low-cost carrier is also giving up flights from Oradea.

RYANAIR suspends flights from Oradea

For commercial reasons, Ryanair will not operate flights from / to Oradea in the 2018-2019 winter program. But it will continue to fly on 5 routes in the 2018 Summer program, to: Milan Bergamo, Memmingen, Barcelona Girona, Dusseldorf Weeze and London Stansted. Tickets are available on the site ryanaiar.com. Rates start at € 7.99 / segment.

The RYANAIR decision comes about a month after the celebration 100 000 of passengers transported from / to Oradea. We are also surprised by this attitude of the RYANAIR carrier.

But it is a private company and very flexible, and profitability is their main objective. We hope to see RYANAIR aircraft in Oradea in the 2019 summer season.

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