Santa Claus travels free to XXLONG with Wizz Air

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Winter holidays have a special charm. Even though many do not like the snow and the cold, but we are all waiting for Santa, decorating the fir tree, preparing for the New Year, waiting for gifts, watching for promotions, etc. The people at Wizz Air have taken into account that Santa is not really fussy and decided to let him travel to XXLONG for free.

The nice part is that Wizz Air invites all passengers, from the 250 of Wizz Air routes in Europe, to dress up for Christmas on future Wizz Air flights, between 14 - 20 December and 2012, and so you can enjoy free access on extra legroom seats (increased foot comfort). The Wizz XXLong extra legroom seats are popular with tall passengers who value comfort. The optional service can usually be purchased for just 8 EUR on To celebrate the merry winter season, the company has released these extra legroom seats and invites Santa - his costumes like him - to travel in style.

A beautiful, interesting campaign and I think it will have an impact. I'm curious to see how many people participate in this campaign! :)

* Passengers qualified for this promotion must be fully dressed in Santa Claus and have no health problems in order to request Wizz XXLong seats from the crew on board.

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