Six passengers were arrested following a scandal on a KLM flight on the Manchester - Amsterdam route!

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On the morning of May 5, several passengers thought of stirring the waters on a KLM flight on the Manchester-Amsterdam route. They probably also wanted to test the cabin crew's training, which is normally on board for passenger safety.

Why the quarrel started is still unclear. In a video that appeared on social networks, some boys are fighting on the plane. One passenger shouted, " Calm down! This is a damn plane!".

After a few tries, the KLM crew managed to intervene. None of the crew members were injured, a KLM spokesman told Dutch media. The captain alerted the police. A total of six passengers were arrested by the Dutch Royal Marechaussee. One of them was slightly injured.

On this occasion, we remind you that the beating on a plane can bring you a significant fine and even a few days of arrest, plus a criminal case and in some cases even a ban on flying with that airline. The beating is one of activities you don't have to do on the plane.

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