Spain has been removed from the yellow list by Government Decision

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If your name is Spain and you have enough influence in the diaspora, you can be removed from the yellow list of countries with high epidemiological risk. After a day full of contradictory decisions of the Romanian authorities, a decision has been made. A Government Decision and Spain is no longer on the yellow list.

The National Committee for Emergency Situations approved in today's meeting the Decision number 39 by which it was decided removal of the Kingdom of Spain from the list of countries for which the quarantine measure is established for persons arriving in Romania.

Also, it was decided that the establishment of the quarantine for persons arriving in Romania from areas of high epidemiological risk should be adopted by Decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, based on the situation issued by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the proposals made by the National Institute of Public Health.

When issuing these decisions, all the implications on public health will be taken into account and the socio-economic aspects generated by the introduction of the quarantine measure will be analyzed.

If the situation requires it, the decision to establish quarantine for citizens returning to Romania may be taken for certain areas or administrative regions in states with a high epidemiological risk.

Attached to this information you have the CNSU Decision number 39 of August 10, 2020.


Children no flights are suspended, does not enter isolation / quarantine if you travel from Spain to Romania.

  1. Ovidiu says

    A little late with the government's decision, my wife and I spent our vacation here in Spain, so maybe we'll try to come next year.

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