Spain will lift restrictions on digitally certified green tourists

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Tourists owning digital green certificate who will travel to Spain from June, will be able to enter without being quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19. Likewise, those traveling from third countries with EU-approved vaccination certificates or vaccination passports will benefit from the same advantage.

This was announced by the Secretary General for Digital Health, Information and Innovation of the National Health System, Alfredo González, on Thursday, at a press conference. The green digital certificate will save those who choose to travel to Spain from quarantine and PCR testing.

According to the EU, the digital green certificate should be implemented from June. It has the sole purpose of facilitating the mobility and movement of travelers / tourists. As is already known, the digital green certificate will include three basic information about the holder in relation to COVID-19: whether the disease has already passed, whether it has already been vaccinated, whether a negative diagnostic test has recently been performed. 

According to Alfredo González, this digital document available and through a QR code will allow "People to travel to Spain in a safer way ".

Spain will lift restrictions on vaccinated / immunized

As González explained, the passport designed by the EU " does not limit the mobility of those who do not have this certificate. It is not a travel requirement, it is a certificate that allows mobility. It is planned to extend this model to third countries outside the EU ", So this document will not serve to restrict the mobility of people or to prevent them from entering a country.

The difference between those who hold and those who do not hold the certificate is the measures they will have to follow when traveling, such as quarantine and PCR tests, in accordance with the requirements of each country.

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