Sweden eliminates all COVID rules and downgrades COVID pandemic to endemic disease. Pandemic law repealed!

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After more than two years, Sweden has finally announced that it will lift the ban on non-essential third-country travel from 1 April.

The decision to stop the extension of the entry ban for non-EU / EEA travelers was announced by the Swedish Ministry of Justice in a press release issued today, March 25th.

"It also means that the requirement to present vaccination and testing certificates on entry into Sweden will be removed.", Notes the press release.

He also points out that, although the pandemic is not over, it has entered a new phase due to the large number of people vaccinated against Coronavirus and the milder variants of the virus that predominate.

"We have already lifted the EU entry ban. Now the government has decided not to extend the ban on entering third countries. This will make traveling to Sweden easier.Said Justice and Home Affairs Minister Morgan Johansson.

Sweden is not the first EU country to remove all entry restrictions for travelers around the world, regardless of their vaccination status.

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