Sweden has entered the penultimate phase of removing restrictions

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The Swedish authorities have announced that, in line with the country's reopening plan, restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-15 pandemic will be lifted from 19 July. As the number of cases of COVID-19 infection and the number of people requiring hospital treatment has decreased significantly, the country will continue with the third phase of phasing out restrictions.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, it was revealed that, in terms of the pandemic situation in the country, the trends "Heading in the right direction". As such, the third stage of Sweden's removal plan includes the following changes:

  • airlines operating long-haul flights will be able to operate at full capacity. However, passengers are advised to be careful. Those with coronavirus symptoms are advised not to use any public transportation service.
  • the country's municipalities will no longer prohibit the public from participating in certain events that will take place in crowded places. Previously, the ban was used as a tool by the Swedish authorities to limit congestion in public spaces, such as beaches and parks.
  • the rule of the number of persons allowed per square meter will be eliminated in museums, shopping malls, amusement parks, gyms and a few other places. Such rules will apply to both indoor and outdoor events.

The next step by the Swedish government is to gradually lift the restrictions, the fourth stage, was scheduled by the authorities for September, provided that infection rates remain low and the vaccination rate continues to rise. The Swedish authorities have previously announced that, in line with the EU recommendation, residents of several third countries will be allowed to enter for non-essential purposes.

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