TAROM at IAII: canceled routes, modified frequencies

TAROM gives up Turin, Rome and Bologna!

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Update 10 March 2017: TAROM gives up the route IAȘI - MADRID. According to the busy flight schedule for the summer season 2017, the direct route Iasi - Madrid disappears from the system. Only flights from Iasi to Madrid with a stopover in Bucharest remain available.

Below you have other information about the modifications that TAROM will make at the base in Iasi.

2017 announces very agitated. Will be new routes, there will be canceled routes, frequency changes etc. Low-cost operators are expanding their operations, while TAROM is trying to adapt to the local and regional market.

According to the TAROM reservation system, changes will be made to the base in IAȘI, the second base after the one in Bucharest. Cristi helped me identify the changes in 2017 summer time and extract relevant passenger information.


TAROM gives up the Iasi-Rome, Iasi-Turin and Iasi-Bologna routes. It sounds surprising, but it looks like TAROM is giving up flights to Italy. Although the route Iasi-Torino has no competition, TAROM decided to stop it from 26 to March 2017. Flights on the route Iasi-Bologna are removed from the system after the date March 24 2017. The last flight on the route Iasi-Rome will be operated on March 31 2017.

From the base in IAȘI, TAROM will continue to fly on the routes, IAȘI - Munich, IAȘI - London Luton, IAȘI - Tel Aviv and IAȘI - Bucharest.

What alternatives do you have for routes canceled by TAROM? For IAȘI - Bologna, you can choose the direct flights operated by Wizz Air. For IAȘI - Torino, currently there is no alternative with direct flights. But you can choose the direct flights Bacau - Turin with Blue Air or the flights Iasi - Turin via Bucharest also with Blue Air. For IAȘI - Rome, you can choose direct flights or non-stop flights via Bucharest from Blue Air or direct flights from Wizz Air.

Marius Gerber drew our attention to the fact that the route Iași - Torino is becoming seasonal. At the moment, in the TAROM reservation system you can buy tickets to / from Turin in June, August and September. There will be 3 weekly flights, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!

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