Emirates flies with the A380 to Great Britain and Russia.

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Emirates has announced that it will fly the A380 to London Heathrow, Manchester and Moscow. At the same time, the number of flights between the United Arab Emirates and destinations in the United Kingdom will increase.

From November 27, Emirates will fly the A380 4 times a day between Dubai and London Heathrow. Also, from December 2, the Emirates A380 will fly 6 times a week between Dubai and Manchester.

And from November 25, Emirates will increase the frequency of flights from 2 per week to 1 daily flight on the route Dubai - Moscow, the additional flights being announced with A380.

But back to the UK-UAE connections. Starting with December 1, Emirates will operate 10 weekly flights on the Dubai - Manchester route: 6 with A380 and 4 with Boeing 777-300ER.

At the same time, Emirates will increase the number of flights to Birmingham (from November 27) and Glasgow (from December 1) from 4 / week to daily rotations.

Also, starting with December 1, the flights to Manchester will be operated 10 times a week. 6 of the flights will be operated using A360 aircraft, and 4 using Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Emirates is experiencing a significant expansion of services to the UK and this is due to the UK-UAE air corridor, which has led to increased demand.

Based on the UK-UAE corridor, fewer restrictive measures.

Under the agreement between the two states, passengers flying from the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom will no longer be obliged to enter quarantine, which is an advantage for passengers.

In the other direction, the situation is a little different. Anyone traveling from the UK to Dubai will be able to take their PCR tests for COVID-19 96 hours before the flight or may choose to be tested on arrival in Dubai.

Emirates customers who need a PCR test for COVID-19 before their flight from Dubai can benefit from special rates at Dubai clinics. They can also request to be tested at the office or at home, and the result will be available within 48 hours. The test can be done based on the plane ticket / boarding pass.

Emirates offers passengers health insurance.

Emirates customers can now travel with confidence. The airline has committed to cover COVID-19 medical expenses if passengers are diagnosed with COVID-19 during the journey.

This insurance is valid for customers flying with Emirates until December 31, 2020.

Emirates has implemented a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the safety of its customers and employees on the ground and in the air. The airline will offer free hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.

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