The Netherlands (Netherlands) does NOT require isolation or quarantine of travelers from Romania

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Today we saw an effervescence about how the Netherlands (Netherlands) introduced the obligation of quarantine for all those traveling from Romania to the Netherlands. No, it's not like that. Tonight I received some clearer information about what the Dutch authorities (the Netherlands) really wanted to say.

It is true that Romania remains a high-risk country in the epidemiological context of COVID-19. And, starting today, Dutch authorities strongly RECOMMEND all those traveling from Romania to the Netherlands to self-isolate at home for a period of 14 days after arrival in the Netherlands. So we are talking about a recommendation, not an obligation.

The Netherlands does not require isolation or quarantine

Below are some answers from the Dutch Embassy in Romania.

1. Why the recommendation of self-isolation 14 days upon arrival in the Netherlands from Romania?
According to RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment in the Netherlands) figures, the degree of infection with the Covid-19 virus in Romania is high. That is why it is strongly recommended to all people traveling from Romania to the Netherlands to isolate themselves.

2. What is meant by "firm recommendation"?
The Netherlands does not apply the quarantine obligation, considering that it is the responsibility of each traveler, who is strongly recommended to enter self-isolation.

3. What criteria does the Netherlands apply to establish that Romania remains "orange" for the time being?
The degree of infection is the most important criterion for RIVM. It is necessary for the daily average for the last two weeks to fall below 20 cases per 100.000 inhabitants.

At this time, flights are not affected and there is no free movement between the Netherlands and Romania. Travel responsibly!

We recommend that those who want to travel to the Netherlands continue to follow official information. They will be constantly updated, depending on the epidemiological evolution.

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