The Netherlands eliminates quarantine for travelers vaccinated with booster dose

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The Dutch authorities have announced that more relaxed entry rules will apply to people traveling from high-risk areas from 2 February. According to the latest data published by the Dutch Ministry of Health, passengers who received the booster dose at least seven days before the trip to the Netherlands will be exempted from the quarantine rule.

"From 2 February 2022, passengers with a booster dose must not be quarantined if the passenger received the vaccine at least seven days before the trip to the Netherlands", it is shown in the communiqué of the ministry.

It means that all people who have completed their primary vaccination and received an extra dose will no longer have to follow strict entry rules.

On the other hand, unvaccinated travelers, as well as those who have not received an extra dose, will continue to be subject to the ten-day quarantine requirement, unless they are on the list of exemptions.

To be eligible to enter the Netherlands in accordance with the facilitated rules, travelers from high-risk areas who have received an additional dose of vaccine must complete a quarantine declaration. The statement can be completed online.

Once the form has been completed, passengers will receive a digital confirmation, which must then be provided to the responsible authorities. Those who cannot complete the digital format can download a printable form and then complete it manually.

Travelers from EU countries / Schengen Area can currently travel to the Netherlands as long as they have a valid vaccination certificate. Instead, travelers from third countries must also report a negative COVID-19 test, regardless of their vaccination status.

"Travelers from EU / Schengen countries can travel to the Netherlands with a vaccination certificate. Travelers from non-EU / Schengen countries always need a negative test result. Even if they have a vaccination certificate " , the Dutch authorities said.

This means that the Netherlands will only accept vaccination permits indicating that the holder has received the last dose in the last 270 days.

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