The Netherlands removes the rule of physical distance from schools, but extends other restrictive measures!

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The 22nd dose of the vaccine was given this week. The Netherlands now has high vaccination coverage, and the number continues to rise daily. However, a number of restrictive measures are still needed until the critical number of immunized is exceeded.

There are still about 1,8 million people who are not immunized, either by vaccination or infection. Fortunately, the fourth wave of infections is passing quickly and the authorities hope that the number of those hospitalized in serious condition will not increase too much.

This shows how important vaccination is. However, the current favorable outlook is not a guarantee for low rates of infection in autumn and winter.

Therefore, the government decided to take a careful, step-by-step approach to raising the 1,5-meter rule. From 30 August, social distancing will no longer be required in secondary vocational schools (MBOs), higher vocational education institutions (HBOs) and universities. All other existing measures will be extended until September 19 inclusive. On September 17, the government will assess whether it is possible to take the next step.

Until then, restaurants and bars can operate on the basis of existing capacity on the premises; nightclubs and cabaret clubs remain closed; restrictive measures for public events will be extended.

It is taken into account that from September 20, the rule of physical distance of 1.5 meters will be raised everywhere. The authorities hope to lift other existing restrictive measures from this date.

To encourage the population to get vaccinated, the Dutch authorities have decided to open several vaccination centers for the administration of unscheduled doses.

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