Coronavirus: Cathay Pacific has 120 aircraft on the ground and reduced the number of flights by 75%

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Coronavirus outbreak is also affecting tourism, especially in airlines. Thousands of flights have been canceled globally, millions of tourists affected and more airlines are on the verge of collapse.

According to the site (South China Morning Post), Cathay Pacific Group (Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon) has 120 aircraft on the ground at any one time out of a total of 200 aircraft. And the number of flights decreased by 75%. Of the total 1470 weekly flights scheduled for February, 1120 flights were canceled. The statistics are on February and will certainly be extended to March.

Cathay Pacific has 120 aircraft on the ground

At the time of the SARS epidemic, Cathay Pacific had 30% of its fleet on the ground (22 aircraft out of a total of 80 aircraft), and the number of flights was reduced by 45%. Currently, the Coronavirus footprint is much larger.

Over the past two weeks, Cathay Pacific has sent approximately 3 employees on unpaid leave for 27.000 weeks. They also temporarily closed three of their premium lounges at Hong Kong International Airport.

And the situation may worsen in March. The Coronavirus outbreak has moved from China to South Korea, Iran and Italy. The number of canceled flights will increase considerably in the coming weeks. And we repeat !!! All because people refuse to travel anymore, but also because there are some travel restrictions in certain regions.

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