The Trump administration has banned Chinese airlines from flying to the United States

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The Donald Trump administration bans Chinese airlines from heading to the United States. The decision will take effect in mid-June. This is a reaction to Beijing's action to allow US carriers to resume flights to China.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are trying to resume flights to China a few months after their suspension, due to the pandemic with the new coronavirus.

The Trump administration has banned flights to the United States

Looking from the outside, it seems to be a bilateral reaction. It's just that the United States is far from controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. And then China's decision could be justified. But we also know that there is a tacit conflict between the USA and China.

The US decision affects Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Xiamen. For now, the airlines have not commented on the Trump administration's decision. The move does not affect Hong Kong flights, a Department of Transportation spokesman said.

In January, US and Chinese airlines operated 325 flights a week between the two countries. The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has not given an opinion on the Americans' decision.

Unfortunately, the pandemic brings out the worst in people. And more and more countries are beginning to restrict the free passage or travel of certain classes of people. It's like going back 5-10-20 years.


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