The annual membership fee for Wizz Xclusive Club has been reduced to 29,90 Euro

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Wizz Air, one of the largest low-fare, low-cost airlines in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe today announced that it has lowered the annual membership fee for Wizz Xclusive Club to just 29,90 Euro.

Program Wizz XClusive Club was released on 2011 and has already registered over 200.000 members. They have access to special rates, every reservation made. The benefits granted to members can be extended to the family at no additional cost. Wizz Air considers an investment in increasing Xclusive Club benefits for small groups and families traveling together, thus having access to even lower Wizz Air rates.

To mark the decrease in the annual membership fee for Wizz Xclusive Club to just 29.99 euros, Wizz Air has launched a discount offer with 20% for all bookings made tomorrow (Friday, May 4) by Wizz Xclusive Club members.

“The Wizz Air Xclusive Club is our way of showing families how to get through the recession and book their vacation on, saving up to 10 euros per flight per passenger. Wizz Air has lowered the membership fee to 29.90 euros and club members can book flights with lower fares for themselves and other 9 passengers. In addition to the year-round discounts for Wizz Xclusive Club members, tomorrow (Friday, May 4) all members can make reservations for Wizz Air flights with an additional discount of 20%. Families who want to overcome the recession should join Wizz Xclusive Club today. ”

, said Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager Wizz Air.

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