The Digital Green Pass can also be obtained by people who have been partially vaccinated

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Digital Green Pass, the vaccination passport created by the European Union, can also be obtained by people who have been partially vaccinated, ie who have received only one dose of the two. This was explained to Euronews by EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders. He clarified that the document, which will be in the form of a QR code, will show whether the person has been completely immunized or not.

The Commissioner for Justice insisted that Digital Green Pass, which will be ready "At the end of June or beginning of July", must not be discriminatory nor can it make international mobility possible only for vaccinated persons.

For this reason, he says, the document will include not only whether the "carrier" has been vaccinated with one or two doses, but also whether he has been infected and therefore immunized. The QR code will also include the results obtained after performing PCR tests.

The Digital Green Pass can also be received by people who have been partially vaccinated.

"We agree with the warnings shown by the World Health Organization regarding the vaccination passport"says Reynders, "And precisely to avoid discrimination, we thought of a document to facilitate the mobility of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Thus, people who have not been vaccinated can also travel with a PCR test. "

France was the first EU country to issue a coronavirus travel permit, following recommendations from the European Commission. The French government has updated the TousAntiCovid tracking application to include the results of PCR tests and vaccination certificates. Spain, according to Euronews, will implement a similar tool in the coming days, and Denmark has launched an "application" to allow citizens to travel.

According to Reynders, the European Commission hopes to start negotiations in early May and be able to organize a pilot program for vaccination passports to be launched by June.

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