The first Boeing 737-800 Flybondi was delivered, but the routes are still unknown (Video)

Earlier this month, the first Boeing 737-800 Flybondi was delivered. The aircraft is leased from SMBC Aviaition Capital.

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The airlines market in Argentina is very interesting, given that there are no low-cost airlines, and Aerolíneas Argentinas is facing a difficult increase in the number of passengers.

But from 2018, the situation will change. The government approved the establishment of the first Argentine low-cost carrier - FlyBondi.

The first Boeing 737-800 Flybondi

In February, the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), within the Ministry of Transport of Argentina, confirmed the allocation of 78 routes for 41 of routes on domestic destinations and 37 of routes on international destinations.

The first Boeing 737-800 Flybondi was delivered earlier this month. It is part of an order by 10 Aircraft, which was placed at the SMBC Aviaition Capital leasing operator.

The first aircraft will be allocated to the base in Cordoba-Ambrosio Taravella, from where it could operate flights to destinations: Bariloche, Mendoza, Iguazu, Ushuaia, Resistencia, Salta, Neuquén or San Miguel de Tucuman.

At present, Flybondi has not yet established the routes and has not announced the date when it will start operating the flights. However, the LCC carrier presented an operational plan up to 2021: 28 of aircraft, 43 of national destinations and 42 of international destinations, 1500 of employees and over 8 millions of passengers carried per year. It is an ambitious and achievable plan if it is to be adhered to :).

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