The first Boeing 737 MAX RYANAIR could be delivered in November 2020

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Specifically, RYANAIR hopes that the first Boeing 737 MAX will be received in November 2020. And this is due to the fact that Boeing and the FAA operated the flights for recertification.

"Subject to recertification, we hope that the first MAX will be delivered in November 2020. A beautiful Christmas present!" Ryanair Group CEO told Reuters.

The first Boeing 737 MAX RYANAIR, in November

If all goes according to plan and Boeing meets the production level of MAX aircraft, O'Leary anticipates that RYANAIR will have between 30 and 40 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the fleet for the summer season 2021. The reception of the new 737 MAX aircraft could help increase and the development of RYANAIR.

RYANAIR, like most airlines in the world, has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From March to July 1, RYANAIR operated about 3% of flights, a 97% decrease from the same period in 2019.

As of July 1, RYANAIR has reactivated 40% of its operational schedule and has come to operate up to 1000 daily flights. RYANAIR resumed flights including / to Romania.

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